E63B5723I’m Meg. I’m 27, live in Utah, was a child bride at 21 and have therefore been married for 6 years. He’s wonderful. We have a cat. She’s sometimes wonderful, sometimes seems like a complete Sociopath, which, for me, is the charm of cats in the first place.

I think sponsored blogging/social media is stupid. I can think of nothing less romantic than a hashtag. It disturbs me that in order to be a person these days you’re expected to “market” yourself, to essentially make yourself into an advertisement. I don’t care much for that whole concept and, honestly, find it disturbing. I’m tired of this culture of blogs that have become more like magazines than sincere expressions of perspective and experience. I’m tired of the “commercial break” posts. I’m tired of money and consumption inundating anything that dares to be.

My hope for you visiting is not that you’ll feel envious or inadequate. It is my hope that you’ll feel it is safe and desirable to be what you are.

I value:
Sincerity, Creativity, & Kindness

In that order.

The loves of my life include words, music, photo-taking, Drew, and the journey of emotional healing. No order. They just are.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. It’s refreshing to find your blog. I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I wish I could be like Daniel Suelo, Mark Boyle and Heidemarie Schwermer (and start a moneyless revolution!). People have been totally brainwashed into believing that you can’t live without money… they forget that money has only actually existed on earth for about 4000 years. Here in the UK, minted money was only introduced around 600 AD (by the invading Saxons) – the existence and communities of the original (Celtic/Welsh) Britons did not revolve around money. Oh well…


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