that great descent


Most of us, the majority of the time, are in an unconscious state. We sleepwalk. We aren’t awake to the reality of our own power. We don’t realize that our entire existence –  everything we see, feel, experience – is shaped by our perceptions, our subconscious belief systems about ourselves, this world, this life. Our beliefs about who we are, what we deserve, what we’re capable of, what’s possible for us.

We don’t see, we aren’t raised to see that our entire existence is a manifestation of our Inner Universe, that our intentions are the brushstrokes that paint the picture of our reality. That through our intent, we get exactly what we want in this life.

I have become fully converted to the idea that we get exactly what we want.

The trouble is, our intent, our belief systems, that inner world, to most of us, is a mystery. We don’t know it. We don’t claim it. We don’t wield it. Therefore, we are under its control. We don’t choose our reality, we don’t choose our reactions, we don’t get a say.

“What you don’t own, owns you.”

But when we take the plunge, make that great descent into our subconscious, when we acquaint ourselves with our inner world, that’s where magic is found. When we discover what’s going on inside of us, and why, we become our own masters. We find that we have a say. We find our freedom and our power to create.


One thought on “that great descent

  1. Meghan, you are a remarkable person. The work u have done is apparent. The help you are giving is visible. However being able to write about it. Describe it,… And be there for others is your mission. Thank u honey,… Thank you for being diligent. Press forward, continue to prove this life is for living! I love your blog. Oh and pictures are breathtaking.


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