I only mean to comfort
When you settle close to me
But there must be space between us
We both need room to breathe

It is true that I accommodate
I am solace
I am peace
But remember there is power
In these flames now at your feet

Let me be your fire
Crackling below the mantelpiece
There is little that I require;
I will let you come to me
You’ll find no obligation
Only warmth and tranquility
A place of quiet comfort
Where you can safely retreat

Let me be your fire
I’ll warm those hands and kiss your cheeks
Lay yourself down beside me
And I’ll sing you off to sleep

Let me be your fire
I’ll fill the room with my golden glow
You can mention anything
You’d want no one else to know

There is no cause for worry here;
At this hearth your secrets will keep
When you’re close to me, dear,
You can rest,
You can whisper,
You can weep


5 thoughts on “fire

  1. This is such a touching and peaceful celebration of love. It causes my heart to yarn for such a place. You can take a picture so full of beauty and then enhance it with words from your heart. Incredible Meghan! I love you so.

    Liked by 1 person

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