feel just like a tourist.

_MG_6401_MG_6410_MG_6415_MG_6418_MG_6423I took a walk, which I do, apparently. All of the land is slowly being sold off to be developed into more houses to fit more cars and more people to leave less open air for breathing. I had the sense that, in a way, I was saying goodbye.


3 thoughts on “feel just like a tourist.

  1. Love the softness of the light in these recent photos. It’s sad to see housing developments and parking lots take the scenic landscapes in our worlds. My town has been affected by new housing projects, glass covered sky scrapers look like they are pushing out the historic buildings and it makes me sad…and feel like a tourist in a place I once knew like the back of my hand. Just last week, an abandoned movie theater is being knocked down and who knows what they will build in its place…probably a shopping mall or hotel.


  2. Wow, this is powerful. I love rural areas for all their open spaces…so this makes me sad. 😦 Why can’t people stop capitalizing on beautiful land? Goodness!


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