walk in snow, Christmas, pt 2



2:30 am, Christmas. He was tucked in all warm and sleepy. I said I had to go out, just one more time. The snow was piling up something lovely and rare. As I walked away from our porch, it came almost to my knees. There was no sun, and yet seemed as bright as day. I’ve never known my little corner of town to be so quiet, and almost felt as if I was disturbing it in its enchanted reverence. And with that, I say goodbye to Winter, my arduous and beautiful friend. It took 25 years, but I’m happy to say I’ve learned to love you.


One thought on “walk in snow, Christmas, pt 2

  1. Enchanted reverence…what a beautiful way of putting it. I love this magical snow adventure! The black and white aura in the photos really conveys that still serenity. They make it seem like the snow is coming down in a whisper. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your snow day! What a special moment. 🙂


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