_MG_3402_MG_3404_MG_3408_MG_0373_MG_0365_MG_0378_MG_0380I take it for granted, lucidity. Lately has been blurry. Quite literally, anesthesia and pain killers for wisdom teeth being ripped out of your head tend to do that. I’ve been in bed too long, my mind turning to mush.

But, I must say, the sunshine lately has been a great help. I find myself getting antsy to shed these layers, to rush forward to spring. But then I remember that the sun stays out until 6:03, which is three minutes longer than it stayed three days ago. I remind myself that I went outside today, all the way, without a jacket. I think of the quiet moments I take for myself at the end of the day to admire the sun through the kitchen window. I remember these things, and I think to myself, I’ll take it. 


5 thoughts on “lately.

  1. Love your Vermeer sketch! (Especially because the girl’s reflection in the original painting is similar to that of the cat in your photo (do you have a cat?).


    1. Thank you! I didn’t even realize that, I guess that photo and the drawing I copied are similar! I love windows. They’re magical. And yes I do have a cat! She’s like our child. I’ll have to post more photos of her.


  2. The sun is seriously the most wonderful thing. The whole concept of natural light is just incredible. I love waking up and watching it creep ever so slowly over my room, bathing it in a fresh day’s light. I’m sorry about the wisdom teeth! One of mine was growing in last week and it was such a pain, so having them pulled must be the worst. 😛 But I love your positive perspective and the cool artwork you’re sketching. 🙂 And, of course, the photographs!


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