I guess this is a post about a tree.

thanksgiving-59_MG_8144_MG_8008_MG_6506_MG_8038_MG_8130thanksgiving-49thanksgiving-56_MG_8283As soon as we pulled into the tree lot, I knew exactly what I wanted. A tall, skinny, sparse Charlie Brown tree. And I know I picked the right one, because when my mom saw it, she stood in front of it, hugged me and declared it the perfect tree.

It’s hilarious to me that I live in a household now that uses a real tree. Growing up, our trees came in boxes. They broke into three easy-to-assemble pieces. They were strictly artificial and pre-lit. Except for one year when we were gifted a real tree. I think maybe because we were the “poor” family in the ward. But I could be remembering that wrong.


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