Listening This song was written in response to the song “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson.  In fact, Esme’s album is called Woman to Woman, and all of the songs are written in response to popular songs about women.  I find it witty and empowering and can’t stop obsessing over it.


4 thoughts on “Listening

  1. question: why does music like this not more popular. omg. anyways. totally cool. her guitar, her voice, her rebel lyrics. kinda reminds me of some old country songs. in the 50s Hank Wilson sang “i didn't know God made honky tonk angels, i might have known you'd never make a wife, you gave up the only one that ever loved you and went back to the wild side of life.” country music was pretty much only men then and so a lot of the love gone wrong songs were about women. the girl was always the wrong one. always the heart breaker. the Kitty Wells sang that song, but with different words:
    “it wasn't God who made honky tonk angels, as you wrote in the words of your song, too many times married men think they're still single, that has caused many a good girl to go wrong.”
    sorry for the impromptu history lesson, but really…neat topic.


  2. Okay, I do not know the answer to that question! I wish I understood why people don't love this stuff. I can't get enough. And I absolutely LOVED your history lesson comment haha please keep them coming forever.


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