the dilemma of it all

“You see, sir, I’m only in my early twenties –“

“Which I’m well aware of –“

“And that’s much too young to even consider the concept of settling down –“

“You know I agree –“

“I mean, I’ve never even wanted to see myself married until I’ve reached at least – at least twenty eight.”

“Well, you must know I’d never dream of –” 

“Wouldn’t you say that’s the perfect age to be married?  Twenty eight?”

“Why, yes, I’d say it’s a fine age –“

“Nobody would doubt that you were ready for it.  Nobody could call you foolish for getting married at twenty eight.  It’s the perfect age to be making a decision like that –“

“So you’ve said –“

“But I do have just one problem.”

“And what is that?”

“It’s inevitable for me to admit, at some point, that I love you.”

“Well, dear, I’m facing a similar dilemma myself.”

“And what is that?”

“I love you, too.”

-Inspired by both me and Drew’s inability to see farther than a few steps in front of our faces.

15 thoughts on “the dilemma of it all

  1. True, I actually think it's a pretty good thing. (And…seeing as we're Mormon, this view is probably not surprising! haha) My husband and I were just both never planning on getting married very early. We wanted to wait and explore life a bit. But then we fell in love and there went that! So I wrote this because I was thinking about it today. But, yes, young marriage can be a great thing.


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