this gif.

I had nothing to do with this gif.  Let me start by saying that I have a Google+ account only to use the chat option so that I can talk to Drew at work and still look as though I’m working.

I would use Facebook chat, but Facebook is blocked on my work computer because people actually use Facebook as opposed to Google+.

I got on Google+ this morning to utilize the chat option and this gif was just there.  I have no idea how.  I have no idea why.  Initially, it creeped me out.  First of all, I never put this picture on my Google+ account to begin with.  As it turned out, Google+ automatically backs up the pictures I post here.  Which is weird, but that at least explained how the picture was there.  As far as the falling snow gif part, still a mystery.

I’m excusing all of the images in my head of creepy night shift workers stalking my pictures and considering it a Christmas miracle.


13 thoughts on “this gif.

  1. Google+!!!!!!! I use it to chat with Josh while I'm at work too! Love it and hate it. I like to be able to screen which audience sees which part of life and I hate that G+ pulls EVERYTHING from everywhere. I kind of just get annoyed anytime I have to do anything with my google plus. I also like ranting about it to people. Clearly.


  2. seriously. it did the same thing to my photo of a snowy scene! i had taken it from tumblr though so i wasn't sure if i was just a nutcase and didn't realize it was a gif. but no. it only snows like that on google+ haha


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