Grey’s Anatomy has ruined me.   That’s what I’ve come to realize this weekend.  See, I’ve been just aching for a holiday.  Getting up and doing things, any things, had become such a chore to me, as it does most every year at this point.  Where November brings on this sense of tapering off.  Yes, 2013 is plummeting to her death, along with my will to do anything other than my select few preferred nothings.  And I don’t expect you to understand it at all.  But the only thing in the world I’ve wanted recently is just a day where I was required to do and be and say and accomplish nothing.

Then the Universe answered my plea in her usual dastardly manner and gave me the cold of a lifetime.

As I laid in bed on Saturday and Sunday and Monday, I thought, “Now Universe, you know this is not at all what I had in mind.”  And she pretended to have no idea what I was talking about and ran off with Winter, no doubt to plot another evil conspiracy against us all.  Early sunsets.  Frost on windshields.  Frozen pipes.  You know how they play.

Anyway, in the midst of all of the sniffling and snuffling and general miserable-ness, I fit in a decent amount of Netflix.  (I didn’t read because I was angry, again, about the ending of The Hunger Games.  Which is another story for another day.)

After searching and trying out and giving up on numerous TV series, I came to that realization.
The one mentioned above.
That Grey’s Anatomy has ruined me.

It’s the main reason I can’t enjoy TV anymore.  Because nothing measures up, as far as dramas go.  Except probably Sherlock, but good grief!  Did they have to wait clear until January to explain how the man jumped off a building without dying?

This was a post about TV, and I’m trying really hard not to feel totally lame for it.


13 thoughts on “tea.

  1. GREYS ANATOMY IS THE BESTTTTTTTT. I love it so much. I haven't seen the season that is on tv right now though, because I have no cable, so I currently don't know what's happening. But I really want to start the series over AGAIN so I can re-live the moments with George and Izzie. Also I love your mug 🙂 Owls are my fave ❤


  2. Grey's Anatomy ruins everything. Season 6 finale of Grey's destroys even more. MAAN old grey's was so good. I still can't watch Denny. And also Teddy and her husband. And also Owen and Christina when they first get together in that wind tunnel of love. UGH. Never feel lame about posting about Grey's anatomy.

    Tightrope to the Sun


  3. I love TV. Like, I LOVE IT. And Grey's Anatomy has ruined me, too. All dark and twisty like a regular Merideth Grey up. in. here. Also, have you tried Tazo's Vanilla Rooibos tea? They sell it by the canister at Starbucks and I am smitten. It is my morning get up. You should try it with a little cream and honey. It will change your life.


  4. I'm so envious with how you can put all emotions/feelings into such beautiful words that makes me think, “I feel the SAME way”. I've never been good at explaining or expressing myself. I usually just swear and my friends/family get the idea.

    Any good tea recommendations? I had some when I was pregnant and it made be puke, so I've been nervous to drink more ever since.


  5. Lost gives me the creepiest feeling! And every episode gives you fifteen new questions and no answers! haha it was too much for us, couldn't handle it. But I respect you for getting through it.


  6. Honestly, I'm not a cool tea person. Who, like, knows things about tea. I only drink Bigelow Mint or Sweet Dreams. With plenty of honey/sugar or it isn't even worth it haha. That's all I have for you!

    And thank you. But I think swearing gets the point across as well.


  7. No I've never tried it, but I think I will now! I'm a pretty standard mint tea person. Sometimes I get crazy and drink sweet dreams. Which is chamomile and rose petals and really good. I had Tazo's…Passion tea once. and it was really good but it left a super weird taste in my mouth. Which makes sense because so did the person who introduced me to it. Anyway. I'm gonna try that tea.


  8. OH MY WORD, season 6, yes! It's my favorite! And when Grey is in counseling and figures out all of those things about herself. And that being extraordinary wasn't about surgery, it was about love! Oh. I have chills.


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