a certain something.

Regardless of those who expected it and those who did not, we held on until the Fall.  And we had built between us a certain something that was thriving and alive, in contrast with the season of withering away.  And maybe that was a sort of metaphor for what we would be in the future.  That we would be always standing upright, regardless of circumstances that surrounded.  

We didn’t give any of this a thought at the time, of course.  We were preoccupied.  With kisses and movie dates and all things falling in love.


10 thoughts on “a certain something.

  1. That last picture of Drew reminds me of my collection of pictures of you where you look like you just found out a loved one has leukemia. Which shouldn't be funny, and I apologize to anyone else reading this, but oh my goodness. Soooooo funny!


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