Too often, we consider prayer strictly as a way to ask heaven for things.  We see it as an outlet for our wish lists and last-minute demands.  Afterward, if we don’t get whatever it was that we prayed for, we assume that our prayer wasn’t answered.  We assume that God decided to ignore this one or, with his busy schedule, maybe even forgot about us.

But the fact is that every single prayer that has ever been uttered from the lips of man since the beginning of their existence has been answered.  Most people just don’t see it that way because they didn’t get what they wanted from the conversation.  The purpose of prayer is not to tell God and the hosts of heaven what we want.  It is not to give orders to God, like we would to a waiter at a sit-down restaurant.  Prayer is not a letter to Santa Clause.  The purpose of prayer is to figure out what God wants for us.

God always answers prayers.  What we must understand in order to have a sincere conversation with Him is that the answer to even the most heartfelt prayer is not always the answer we want.  Sometimes, and maybe more often than that, what we want isn’t necessarily best for us.  Sometimes the answers is, “No.”

This was one of the single most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life.  At least I’m pretty sure.  Unfortunately I can’t remember every sunset I’ve ever seen.  But if I could, it would be awesome. I’d probably look at them all of the time.


6 thoughts on “prayer.

  1. I love this. I find myself always praying, even it's a simple “help me get through this family dinner tonight because I don't like some of these people” type of prayer. I also love that you said “Prayer is not a letter to Santa Clause”. I chuckled and nodded in agreement.

    Your brain and thoughts amaze me, Meg. I love you and your brain thoughts.


  2. “I love you and your brain thoughts.”

    That made me lol at my desk at work. Nobody noticed because they never pay attention to me anyway.

    The point is, I just love you. And the way you understand my brain thoughts.


  3. So true! How selfish we are to think that God doesn't care about me or doesn't answer MY prayers – when he does! Just not in the way that my selfish desires want him to.


  4. Meg, this is SO spot on! Thank you for sharing this.

    I've also heard that sometimes, one reason we aren't getting an answer is because we aren't asking the right question. When we ask the right question, our perspective changes, and we will find what we need 🙂


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