what did you call me?

My cat is so cute.  Also, I finished an entire burrito from Taco Time today.  That’s never actually happened before.

On Friday night, Drew called me Megan.  I know that seems normal because it’s my first name and all, but it was strange.  He never calls me Megan.

It’s either Meg or a term of endearment.  That’s it. 

And as far as what I typically call him, his name could be legally changed to “Honey” and my life would be no different.

Do you and your spouse/significant other/partner/companion call each other by your first names?  Or are you more like us and probably drive other people crazy by using pet names?

If you’re single, well, you know what to do…


5 thoughts on “what did you call me?

  1. awe! sweet post.
    josh usually calls me rach.
    i usually call him love.
    and we both have ended up calling each other buddy….no idea where that one came from. but i like it. 🙂


  2. Ugh. My sister and brother in-law always use “babes”, its like. I know you guys got fat after you got married, but neither of you are big enough to be plural. PLEASE STOP.
    I'm sure when I get a man I'll be just as annoying as they are.
    But until them..yes, I know what to do.


  3. Ha ha, I never thought about this but Danny NEVER calls me Rachel. It's usually babe or Rach. That's so funny I never realized before now. Good job finishing an entire burrito! Put sme meat on those bones girl! Thanks for the pic of Beyonce at the end, it's great:)


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