it’s still winter.

The first picture was an accident.  Well, okay, I meant to take a picture, but was too lazy and cold to stop walking in order to focus it.  I remember seeing how blurry it was and thinking that it was worthless and I’d delete it later.  In a warmer, drier place.  But , as it turns out, it’s probably one of my favorites as of late.  Blurry warmth.  Even though it’s snowing. 

Did you know that the storm going on in Utah and the surrounding states right now is named Gandolf?  I hope that they didn’t mean to name it after Gandalf, because misspelling the name of such a prominent figure in Middle Earth’s history is just plain embarrassing. 

Or maybe it’s more embarrassing that I even know that.  You’re probably right.

Tomorrow’s high is only going to get to 14 degrees.  Definitely will not be leaving the house.


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