Last night, sitting on a bench at a strip mall enjoying some frozen yogurt and good company, I felt the first kiss of Fall.

Oh, Fall.  With her dewy mornings and crisp clarity.  With her natural radiance and clear, open night skies.  With her bright leaves and harvest sunsets.  With her ability to persuade us to see the unlikely beauty in death and the inevitable nature of our world.  The reality that all things on this earth were made to end. 

And to her I say: Welcome.
Me, Fall 2010

Welcome, lovely reds and golds.  Welcome, cloudy weather and rainy days.  Welcome to blankets and sweat pants and thick socks, to letting myself get (a little bit) spooked, and to Drew gagging at pumpkin smell.
Welcome to this clear and peaceful state of mind, to the nostalgia it all brings with it. 


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